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Find the part number you need by finding the parts diagram for your product. You can search for the parts diagram by serial number, or by browsing for your product model number and year. There are diagrams for products manufactured from 1994 to present. Please click reference sheet below to determine the year your product was manufactured. Click here to know how to use this web site. Orders confirmed by 12 Noon Central Time, with *Overnight Shipping selected, should ship the same business day if the parts are in stock. All other orders should ship within the next 3 business days, depending on the shipment method chosen, and if the parts are in stock.

*Overnight shipping is not available for Saturday Delivery. Weekend days and holidays will not be used in calculating expected arrival times, only Monday through Friday.

For ordering replacement parts outside of the U.S., please contact an Authorized Service Provider. An Authorized Service Provider can be located at:

Part Numbers can be found in the user manuals in Parts Diagrams.

Complete Owners manuals are available on the Minn Kota & Cannon Websites:


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